Repairs & Services

Along with building new and custom trailers, Kangaroo Trailers also offer services such as dump box fabrication & installation, trailer repairs (including aluminium trailer repairs) as well as annual safety certifications. 

Dump Box Fabrication & Installation

From building sides for your truck's flat bed to building complex and specialized dump boxes we are able to help create the perfect truck for all of your needs.

​See our photo gallery for trucks we've modified for our customers. 

Trailer Modifications & Trailer Repairs

From replacing minor components to fixing major damage we have the knowledge and ability to get your trailer back on the road. 

Aluminium Trailer Repairs & Welding

From adding onto your aluminium trailer to repairs, we can help with any aluminium trailer welding you may need. 

Annual Safety Inspection & Certification

 In need of your annual trailer safety certification? We can help. We will inspect your trailer, let you know if anything needs fixed or replaced in order to pass safety certification, and provide you with your updated yellow sticker. 

Parts Sales

Trailer parts are also available for purchase through us - from replacement tires, tool boxes or jacks to replacement axles and other components, we've got you covered.